Little Tuna 3 Flavour Pack - Oil, Chilli and Lemon Pepper (pre-order 1 week delay)

Little Tuna 3 Flavour Pack - Oil, Chilli and Lemon Pepper (pre-order 1 week delay)
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*Pre-order – please note that due to the significant interest experienced by our Landline segment there is currently a small waiting period. Your order can still be placed in order and we will work on getting your delicious jars out to you asap. We do apologise for the inconvenience and thankyou for your support, its great to hear from so many people as passionate about Australian Tuna as we are.

Little Tuna’s Australian Tuna 3 pack is available online only and contains 1 of each of the Little Tuna flavours.

  • Little Tuna Australian Tuna Steak in Oil
  • Little Tuna Australian Tuna Steak in Oil and Chilli
  • Little Tuna Australian Tuna Steak in Lemon and Pepper

Little Tuna’s products are made from all fresh ingredients with the star being a chunky steak of high quality Australian tuna caught off the coast of Queensland Australia using sustainable long line fishing methods.

Ingredients have been carefully chosen to include added health benefits. By using rice bran oil to maintain full flavour, mineral packed Himalayan pink salt and freshly squeezed lemons. It’s so delicious it can be consumed on its own straight out the jar.

Key facts list

  • Each jar packed with high quality chunky tuna steak.
  • Great to add to salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta dishes or just enjoy straight from the jar.
  • Little Tuna is proud to supply customers with sustainably caught Australian albacore tuna. Our main supplier is from our family business.
  • Replaceable lid to keep the flavour fresh
  • Large 290g NET jar (4 servings)

We can’t wait to share the enjoyment of Little Tuna with you all.

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