flavours of Little Tuna

Seafood is a high protein, low fat, healthy and nutritionally rich food. Little Tuna’s products are made from all fresh ingredients with the star being a chunky steak of high quality Australian tuna caught off the coast of Queensland Australia using sustainable long line fishing methods. The product range uses the very finest and freshest tuna, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Rowan and Kate tested hundreds of recipes in their own home before they created the perfect blend that would represent the Little Tuna brand. Little Tuna’s products are all made from fresh ingredients carefully chosen to include added health benefits. Each jar has just the right amount of flavour so that the quality and freshness of the tuna can still be enjoyed once preserved. It’s so delicious it can be consumed on its own straight out the jar. 

Little Tuna’s popularity has grown rapidly from the everyday consumer right through the health conscious community. Due to the preserving methods, Little Tuna products allow consumers to be able to enjoy fresh tasting tuna anywhere.

Look out for Little Tuna products from our stockists or available on our website. NOT JUST YOUR AVERAGE TUNA